Green pool

Well this is…problematic.

Green pool

We've been unable to find a knowledgeable, regularly-available pool guy where we live out in the boonies, so our treasured oasis reverts to a swampy green pool every time we go on any sort of extended trip.

Every. Single. Time.

Green pool

Nate fortunately knows how to shock it back into oblivion with a concoction of fresh water, chlorine and other chemicals, but it gets tedious and expensive and annoying all around. Sometimes it feels like our front yard is a giant science experiment as he tinkers with the balance, and I always have to test it out to make sure it isn't over-chlorinated to the point that it can sting our poor little dudes' skin.

It's much better to just have the thing properly cared for from the get-go. “Isn't there some sort of service we can call on?” I've asked repeatedly, searching for a solution to our haphazard availability to care for our pool. “There has to be some technology that can ease this. Like an Uber for pools. A Homejoy for chlorine?”

Why yes, that actually exists.

Green pool

We're working with ConnectedYard and they've come up with a ground-breaking product called pHin. It's a subscription-based model that offers a continuous monitor station to track a pool's pH, chlorine, alkalinity and other important elements. Lab-grade sensors hook up to a mobile app to ship out pre-measured doses of color-coded chemicals as needed.


Not around to drop them in? No problem. pHin has a database of pre-screened local experts who can tend to your pool on-demand. All this for less than the price of buying the chemicals at a standard pool store.

The pHin service includes the sensor, mobile app, and chemical pods that pool and hot tub owners need, shipped directly to them. pHin is offering significant pre-sales discounts to early subscribers starting today, with plans starting at $149.

You can check out a detailed explanation of this awesome service that we're trying out here.

Green pool

So you can kill the green pool monster and get on to more important things.

Like swimming.

What services are you working to “set and forget” around your home?