I typically greet the day by hitting an alarm clock a half-dozen times before hearing a duo of muffled toddler voices from the boys' room. “Hey mom. Mommy! I had dreams. Dreams, mom. Want sippy. Want teddy bear. Mom. Read a book, mom? Maaaaaamaaaaa!

sweet monkey

I blearily fill a kettle with water and step on a stray LEGO or two, meandering my way through the living room and down the hall where we talk about trains and monkeys and I wrangle them into their little outfits for the day. Breakfast, to hold them over until I get my act together with something more substantial, is usually a banana or a bowl of berries.

how I greet the day, a little tired

They help me greet the day, every single day. I'm sometimes tired from working too late and vaguely aggravated that Nate forgot to take the trash out or feed the dogs (again), but it's a beautiful way to ease into our comfortable routine. It puts me in a good mood. I believe that everybody should start their day in a good mood.

Greet the day with reverence

I remember years back when my dreaded way to greet the day was a suit jacket and boots, hitting the pavement of a musty parking garage and fighting my way through Los Angeles traffic to arrive at my desk. I'd beat the boss there – intentionally – every time and then I'd tap-tap-tap through work that I felt distant from, looking out at an impossibly beautiful bay scene from my high rise window.

toddler playing happily

We all go through times where, frankly, we don't want to greet the day. We don't want to stretch our arms wide and let life wash over us. We lack the motivation. Sometimes, we lack the courage and we feel like we're unequipped for what this world is throwing at us. I have friends tell me that they greet the day by rolling over and looking at their phones for inspiration. They scroll through Facebook or Twitter to see what other people are doing. They hope to find some sort of hope or encouraging words. Typically, though, our acquaintances are doing the exact same things as us. Our immediate communities are going through the same struggles and while there is some camaraderie in that, it's not uplifting. It's not happy or good or kind-hearted.

Rise & Smile and Greet the Day

I recently had a company reach out to me with a truly interesting, motivational new way to greet the day. I'm excited to be working with them to share a look at the beautiful everyday moments life can offer. They give a glimpse of hope and a wonderful way of waking up in a good mood.

The concept is simple, spreading the message of human kindness. The method is easy, similar to Vine or Instagram. Create a 6-10 second long video through the Rise & Smile app and upload them directly to the app to share your message and help strengthen humanity worldwide. Set your alarm each day to wake up directly to other people's messages of human kindness, and greet the day with joy.

You can record videos directly into the app and they can't be shared elsewhere, but I went ahead and recorded an example of the type of videos I'm making with the boys to share with all of you. It's been really fun, having a way to greet the day with smiles and happy dances from around the globe. Instead of tap-tap-tapping our way on through with selfies and insta-brags, why not stop and use our time a little more wisely? Why not make a difference in the hearts and minds of others?

Learn more at the Hello Human Kindness Project website and download the app for iTunes or Android.

How do you greet the day?