greeting card

It's officially October, which means that the holiday season is ramping up! I'm barely on top of it enough to get Christmas cards out in time, but our household inevitably ends up with a few Halloween cards floating around by the end of this month. That's right, Halloween cards. Seriously, people. To those lovely friends who send me adorable pictures of their kids all decked out in handmade Tin Man costumes: screw you and your perfect perfectness. If you have SO much time on your hands, why don't you just bake me a batch of cookies? Hmm? HMM?!? Oh, you already did? Great. Now I just feel awkward.

Since my ridiculously on-top-of-it friends are sending me all these cards to deal with, I better figure out a place to put them. Here are some of my favorite greeting card display ideas:

I'm either going to go for the jar display or the embroidery hoop. I love embroidery hoops.

We're getting our cards this year from Tiny Prints. That's where the card up top is from, except we added in the “whatever” ourselves (we're super-clever like that).┬áIt IS actually supposed to say “Merry Christmas” and YES, that's what it'll say when we mail it out. Because we're more into Christmas than…ya know…whatever.

This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints. You should totally buy your holiday greeting cards from them. Just don't send us any more damn Halloween cards unless you plan on bringing cookies over, too! Actually…scratch that…I still need to lose some baby weight. No Halloween cards. No cookies.