guest room office

I know it doesn't look like much now, but we have big plans for this little section of our guest room/office. Just you wait. This was our office/craft room, which then started to turn into our office/guest room, and will soon be serving an even more awesome function. Can you guess what it'll be? Here's a hint: someone very special will be staying in this spot. More on that later.

We got an old-fashioned bunk bed that breaks into two separate extra-long twin beds, and a separate under-the-bed rolling section that will either be used as a guest trundle or extra storage space, if we can figure out a way to pull that off without it looking too cluttered. The sheets are a throwback to our college days and are definitely not what we're sticking with here. I'm in the market for some new ones, but that twin extra-long size is remarkably hard to find in a nice weave and pattern

maggie's direct

For the comforter, we got a really nice warm one on, which has an awesome deal going on right now on their already discounted prices for those looking to spruce up their bedding. Anything on the hotel collection page earns the purchaser 50% back in Social Bucks (which are essentially dollars on MaggiesDirect that can be used towards your next purchase, including sale and clearance items). Plus, they have free shipping to the contiguous US and shoppers who share with their friends earn Social Bucks equal to 10% of any purchases their friends make.

guest room office bedding

I'd like to just go with white for the whole bed, but I know that wouldn't last long with Some Boy crawling all over everything. I'll probably buy or make a duvet cover for our new comforter. I've seen people make their own by simply sewing two sheets together, which sounds like a fun project to tackle if I can ever finish the other five million projects I already have on my plate.

Check back next week to see who will soon be claiming this little guest room/office spot as their very own!

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