We've mentioned in a couple recent posts that we've been closing some windows in order to make room for awesome new doors in our life (or is it the other way around? I suck at expressions). We've been longing for quite awhile to take a step back from the busy go-go-go life and narrow our focus with a select few partners who we are 100% enthused about. We want to feel excited and BURSTING with joy about our little space on the blogosphere, and everything that entails.


I am brimming with excitement over our newest “door.” We're marrying our passion for whole foods and good moments with family to team up with Halos and tell their story of pure goodness. All natural, non-GMO, and grown right here in California, these seedless little mandarins are nature's perfect treat (and Some Boy can peel them himself! Score!). Depending on where you live, you'll run into them at Costco, Walmart, Vons and the like. Grab a bag (or a box!) and think of us. I'm working as a blog ambassador to share the awesomeness of Halos on the Halos blog as well as here and over on CafeMom. I'll be sharing lots of fun ideas, crafts and sweet little moments with family.

Today, we're headed up to see where the product comes from. Our trip involves a little plane, a big packing plant and lots of pure goodness. Stay tuned on Instagram with the hashtag #HalosDays or check below for an auto-feed of our endeavors!

You can check out our latest endeavors with Halos on our site, on the Halos blog or on CafeMom!