I was hesitant about posting an ultrasound picture here on the blog. First, it seems a little in-your-face to me. I know people who can't have children or don't want children, and a number of my friends think ultrasounds are downright alien-ish. Also, it seems a little bizarre to me to be putting a photo of my reproductive system out there on the internet.

As I was pondering all this, an aquaintance asked if I was going to send ultrasound photos out with my holiday cards. Um, woah. That would have never occurred to me. I can just picture my friends and family sitting down with their afternoon tea, opening their mail and BAM! There's Chelsea's baby-maker. But in the spirit of weighing all our options, let's think through the potential captions, shall we?

We could go with a religious theme:

ultrasound card_jesus
Wondering if this is what Jesus looked like in utero

Or milk it for all we can get:

ultrasound card_present
Send my baby some presents!

How about playing the sympathy card?:

ultrasound card_money
Here's why we aren't buying gifts this year

Perhaps we should explain that it's a honeymoon baby:

ultrasound card_honeymoon
Hey, we just got married! PS...we're knocked up!

What do you think…any great ones we missed? Have my uterus photos ruined YOUR afternoon tea?