Tracking PixelThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lookmatic.

sunglasses up close

I'm a mom. I'm a business owner. Depending on when you catch me, I can come off as kind of a health nut. I wear a lot of hats. And for that matter, I wear a lot of shoes, jewelry and sunglasses. I've talked a ton here about style. My style means a lot to me. After I had the kids, it was important to me not to lose those extra little accents that take an outfit above and beyond and make me feel just a bit more put together. Those details can set the tone for your day.

casual outfit

Lately, I'm loving sunglasses that are a little bit unique and off-the-wall. All my glasses – and every fashion piece I choose, for that matter – have something special about them.

workout sunglasses

I go for a fun tint, an interesting shape. Something that adds a conversation piece into the mix but is also accessible and easy, versatile and not too expensive.


I look for things that can go from workout wear to business to my “mom” look without skipping a beat.


I like Lookmatic glasses because they're just $95 per pair and they're totally customizable. I can select the shape, color, lens tint and prescription and even do a “virtual try-on” on their website to make sure I won't look like a total nerd when I get them on my face at home. This is extra awesome for kids (and those trend-happy teenagers!), because parents don't need to pack the family up and haul them back and forth to the eyeglass store every time they need a new pair.