When I was 14, my new stepdad came into the picture and the whole cleaning routine in our household changed. My mom has always been an amazing housekeeper, but my stepdad really took things up a notch with his allergies. He has issues with dust and dander and all manner of household irritants, so vacuuming became more of a daily thing rather than a weekly chore in our wall-to-wall carpeted condo. Mom even switched up the cleaning products because certain additives irritated his sinuses. She explained that we couldn't just clean things, we had to healthify them. Now that I've gotten older and have a better understanding about chemical irritants and allergies and the whole shebang, I have a greater respect for people's sensitivities. At the time, however, I was a bratty teenager and I was NOT thrilled with this perceived regime shift.

Must…Healthify…All Surfaces!


Fast-forward ten years or so. I have kids of my own now and suddenly I'm extremely caught up in the idea of what they're exposed to. I've developed a bit of germaphobia after observing my children's habits and the sheer amount of things that they gnaw on, shove up their nose or otherwise ingest.

it's going up my nose
This finger's totally going up my nose. Wait for it. Waaaaaait for it.
mmmm bunny
Oooh, is that a hand-me-down? I'm gonna eat it!


Needless to say, I eventually got on board with my mom's whole “healthifying” agenda.

Lysol's Healthing Initiative

The other day I heard about Lysol's new campaign all about “healthing” as opposed to just “cleaning.” Healthing…healthifying…same concept. They're determined to help families take the proper steps to stay well by sharing actionable tips such as tackling one room at a time with the proper cleaning items, disinfecting surfaces that bacteria and viruses cling to, understanding the basics such as hand-washing and dusting, tackling the small surfaces as well as the large ones, killing germs and getting children involved in easy tasks.

So the next time your kid pulls one of these…

yum crib
Did he seriously just eat his crib??

…your family will be protected with safely and effectively-cleaned surfaces.

Spread the Word

To help teach families all about healthing, Giuliana Rancic is going around to YMCAs across the country with the Lysol team. They'll be offering hands-on education about cleaning techniques and hygiene habits, as well as donating disinfecting products to the local YMCAs and giving a one-year membership to a deserving family! Learn more about the project on Facebook or Lysol's website.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for LYSOL®. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.