Healthy Halloween Treats alien pear

I spend all day on Pinterest going through dozens and dozens…okay, fine…hundreds and hundreds of clever crafts and holiday food ideas. My head is filled with so many cupcake toppings and cookie recipes, it's a wonder that marshmallow-filled cream puffs don't come busting right out of my eyeballs. Severely lacking in all these goodies, however, are healthy options. I'm all for the occasional sweets, but with Halloween already being the most sugar-coma-inducing holiday of the year, I like to highlight healthy treats as well. Here are some cool ideas for healthy Halloween treats that kids will love.

Healthy Halloween Treats ghost eggs

Peel hard-boiled eggs and cut with a jagged bottom. Add some eyes and a mouth with a frosting pen and you have easy egg ghosts!

Healthy Halloween Treats banana fruit roll

Banana mummy wrapped in fruit leather with raisin eyes and a chocolate chip mouth. This one looks kind of angry like he just may hop up and attack you at any moment. I personally think it adds to his a-peel (Hah! Appeal…a-peel. Get it? I totally crack myself up).

Healthy Halloween Treats fruit snacks

Pear alien head with eyes and a mouth made from fruit leather.

What are your fave healthy Halloween treats?