My nighttime routine is, honestly, not very well put together. Since Nate frequently works at night, I'm left to my own devices and my night owl habits completely take over. After Some Boy finally gives into the impending sleepiness, I down a cup of coffee and prop myself in front of the computer screen until the wee hours. When my brain has finally had enough, I stream some Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl and eventually pass out on my couch. Come 6am, Some Boy's up and at 'em.

Fortunately, my days start a whole lot healthier than they end.

healthy rewards

Some Boy gets a banana, berries or a bottle (depending what I have handy and just how lazy I'm feeling). I brew some coffee and reward myself with a nice bowl of berries, oatmeal and yogurt followed by my vitamins. I like to take care of my nutritional needs early in the day. Some Boy watches some Sesame Street (one episode per day MAX!) while I catch up on emails that have miraculously piled up in the five or six short hours while I was away. A quick shower which I'd like to say is nice and relaxing. In reality, however…things are a little cramped. Some Boy is plopped at my toes while I aim the nozzle off to one corner to avoid spraying him in the face while I lather up. Next, we get out of the house! I dig my hands into some dirt in the backyard, we go for a walk, or simply run errands. I usually try to call a friend or family member to catch up in the midst of this, but I frequently have to tie up some loose ends I have going with the business during this time. Then, I come back home and clean up the house while Some Boy naps. A quick chicken breast or salad for lunch and then I do some light dinner prep or tackle a crafty project before Nate and I have an early evening meal together and the night eventually devolves into too much caffeine and not enough sleep.

Phew. Sound hectic? It is, but it's a joyful effort. You see, I do my best to weave in healthy rewards for myself throughout the day. For every work task, there's some corresponding “me time” to tend to my own needs. I eat well. I take care of my personal hygiene. My son and I explore our local area and connect with those around us. I maintain my hobbies and focus on my relationship with my husband. I work very hard and then recover with healthy rewards so that I don't get too frazzled.

How do YOU incorporate healthy rewards in YOUR life?

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The benefits of a warm, filling bowl of oatmeal can keep you going all morning long. Energy. Fiber. Heart Health.

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