When I was a freshman in college, I saw Jason Mraz play at The Roxy. He was on stage in a pink shirt with nothing but his guitar and a giant black dude playing the bongos. I was front and center with stars in my eyes, being squished forward by dozens of other eager co-eds jockeying for my spot. At one point during his hit single “You and I Both,” I swear he gazed right at me and my knees melted into little puddles right on the spot. It was beautiful.

mat kearney young love

Mat Kearney's new album, Young Love makes me feel exactly like I did in that moment. I admit it: I like sappy music. I guess I'm a romantic at heart. Deep down under layers of sarcasm there's a little girl in here who just wants to hear some dude in a beret sing about a chick in purple boots. And that's exactly what I get with Mat Kearney and his newest hit single, “Hey Mama”:

I met her at anthropology
Purple boots and her golden dreams
Standing there like a Tennessee queen…
Singing hey mama, don't want no drama
Just a kiss before I leave

What I really enjoy about Mat Kearney is his authenticity. “Hey Mama” is actually written about his wife, who he's been with a little more than a year. And this guy is no one-hit wonder. Song after song on his album like “Ships in the Night” and “Young Dumb and In Love” take me back to those times when I was young, dumb and in love.

Which, to be totally honest…I still am.

One2One Network provided me with a copy of Mat Kearney's new album to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.