As I mentioned the other day in a post about my cat's unfortunate bladder control issues (that's a compelling synopsis if I've ever read one!), we're currently living with Nate's parents to save on rent while he finishes up the police academy. So we've gotten rid of a lot of stuff but we're trying to fit what's left into as little space as possible because we don't totally overwhelm his parent's home with our junk. Which is why all our DVDs and electronics are on an ugly shelf in our room right now and are a terrible eyesore.

Ugly shelves

Ignore the copious amount of shoes and jewelry. It's a problem; I'm working on it. Anyway, I don't really believe in having ANY electronics in the bedroom, but that's a whole other subject no one wants to hear me ramble about. Point is, I don't want to stare at these ugly shelves any more. And buying new shelves with closing doors (or adding doors to the current ones to hide the shelves) just isn't an option with our budget right now. So I made do with what I could scrounge up around the house: an adjustable curtain rod, a spare white sheet, and some pretty fabric for a valance.

Covered shelf

I simply folded over the top of the sheets and sewed them to form a loop to go through the curtain rod (if they'd been longer I would've had to cut them, but they were fortunately the perfect size). I super-glued the curtain rod to the side of the shelves. A spring-loaded curtain rod probably would have been a better choice but this is just what I had on hand.  Obviously it's not totally ideal. I mean, ideally I would live on the beach, sunbathe all day and have maids/personal assistants to deal with hiding shelves and all that kind of crap for me. For that matter, I would have shelves that magically slide back into the wall at the push of a button. But it's a definite improvement for now!