preschool mohawk“You have such hip kids,” a friend commented the other day at an event where the boys were especially spiffed-up. “They have all the trendy clothes. Your preschooler has a MOHAWK!”

etnies kids shoesI'll admit that I take some joy in molding the boys into stylish, sweet little gentlemen. It's a weird phenomenon for me, as I've never been especially maternal or cared a whole lot for personal presentation. I really wasn't one to play with dolls as a kid (all the tomboys, raise your hands) but something about knowing that I'm responsible for how these real, live people turn out brings me a lot of pride.

like father like sonOf course, I largely credit their dad for our kids' ingrained sense of style. Nate has a certain presence, a distinct saunter that draws people in (or instantly intimidates them…I felt the latter when I first met him in college).

running around as a toddlerOur kids have that confidence in life. They boldly thrust themselves into the world without hesitation. Their style is more of an attitude than about the clothes on their body, but I still take joy in dressing them accordingly.

brotherly loveThe third is well on his way now, and I feel a strong sense of connection to him knowing ahead of time that he's another boy. He has a name that I already know, and there's no big sense of mystery surrounding him like there was with the other two. I envision him running along with his brothers and I know he'll have the same undauntedly hip sense of self that I'll find glee in capturing outwardly. I've already started gathering coordinating gear for them, explaining to the boys that this shirt or these shoes are for their little brother. Making it tangible helps to prepare them.

etnies kids shoes for toddler developmentEtnies just sent us over their newest line of shoes for the boys and naturally, I'm smitten that one of my favorite adult apparel brands is now available for hip kids, too! Etnies has a really interesting background story (as most quality brands do), run by a professional skateboarder whose career began at just 15 years old. They plant a tree for each children's pair sold, and their new line is designed specifically to meet the needs of growing children. They're extra wide to support the development of toddlers, with a flexible outsole and a a removable insert to increase the length of time a shoe can be worn. They combine two things that I've always stressed to parents of toddlers: the need for properly-built shoes, and the need for items that grow with the child.


How are you helping to prepare YOUR hip kids for the upcoming year?