Hodad's double bacon cheeseburger

Enter the Heavyweight. Hodad's double bacon cheeseburger! No English teacher that knew what they were talking about could call that a fragment sentence, as everything you could ever need to know is written in those 5 tasty words. On this burger adventure, I was accompanied by a few close friends, and the common response to this burger seemed to be “holy shit.”

Hodad's onion rings

If you came from the magical kingdom of Burgertopia and you dared to call yourself a double bacon cheeseburger, you would be immediately escorted to a life-size cut out of the Hodads double bacon cheeseburger. On this cut out you would see a disclaimer stating, “You must be this big to call yourself a double bacon cheeseburger.” They would stand you against it and judge you accordingly, resulting in either you going on your way…or DEATH. This is how good – nay, awesome! – this hamburger is.

I'm going to get right to the point. I mean, my judgment isn't even the best part. “Overall flavor” rule? My response is, “Damn son!” At roughly $10 a pop, my “blue collar” rule puts this burger right on the money. Finally, and most impressively, my “20 mile” rule. The fact is, I myself have driven 45 miles just to eat this Meisterburger. My brother, who lives in Los Angeles, will not leave from a visit here until he's had his Hodad's DBC.

Hodad's burger

What makes this burger so special and why do I dare call it the “definition” of a double bacon cheeseburger? Well, let's start with the bacon. If I were to ask for this hamburger's equivalent (only in name) from an establishment like Burger King (haha…”king”), they would gingerly apply the two “strips” of bacon (three strips if I'm lucky!) to the burger. Hodad's, however, takes what can only be described as a “wad” of bacon, and makes a third patty out of it. The beef is perfectly juicy and topped with an abundance of cheese that parallels the magnificence of the burger itself. The onions, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles are robust (sometimes, perhaps too much onion) and perfectly suited to this burger like off-road wheels to a Jeep.

Hodad's downtown

I was told, when getting braces as a youth, that I had a large mouth. From upper tooth tip to lower tooth tip it measures 7 ½ cm. It still takes me two bites to get from top to bottom of this hamburger! I love that. I also love the atmosphere, as the walls of both Hodad's (the original in Ocean Beach and second in Downtown San Diego) are plastered with old and humorous license plates and what I can only guess is punk-like art. The service is similar, as everyone either has a mural of tattoos on their body or some impressive piercings. Also on the menu – and a must try – is the Hodad's ice cream shake. It is made from giant scoops of real ice cream and establishes yet another standard in the burger joint staple.

Hodad's san diego

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