Speed is the name of the game. Followed shortly there after by accuracy. You have to get in, strike fast, hard and true and get the hell out. And, sometimes, when the odds are stacked against you and you have the vital intel necessary for such an operation, you have no choice but to make a preemptive strike. You can’t be reactive and get caught off balance. You have to be proactive.

Holiday shopping

Holiday shopping, am I right?

With three young boys and another on the way, time is a valuable commodity. At this point, near the end of the year, I have little time to get much of what I need to do done. Every one of the boys, Chelsea, work, and even the impending baby all take a slice of my day. With the boys in particular, I may love those moments but that doesn’t mean it doesn't shorten my day clock.

What makes matters more interesting is that 80% of the birthdays in my family are in the last three months of the year.

Holiday shopping

Luckily for me, with boys and a tech savvy wife, I can get the holiday gift shopping done quick and easy through our sponsor Best Buy. That’s strategic. I mean, that makes for an isolated battlefield with easy borders and a no-fly zone.

Simple is good... quote

With Chelsea’s pregnancy and newer and newer cartoons and movies coming out, some of the shopping strategy needs to be able to change on-the-go. It’s like I’m out here trying to take a bridge over some river named Kwai and then I get word I need to move my strike team 25 klicks west and help some Blackhawk down the road.

Holiday shopping

Fortunately, I can scout out a lot of the cool new gidgets and gadgets in-person at Best Buy to get a good idea of what would make a great gift or holiday home addition. The locals in blue also help me out by passing on acquired intel to me so I can shop online at BestBuy.com, minimizing the likelihood of a stealth trunk discovery by a rogue child (I can ensure the deliveries arrive while they're in school to thwart their spy attempts). Plus, they have the best prices and free shipping on everything all season long. Yup. When the battlefield gets super crowded, I just use my computer at home to call in a gift drone strike.

Holiday shopping

There is a lot going on this season in the Day household. New babies, lots of family in town and a whole lot of cookies (because, duh, cookies). Fortunately, with the new battle plan in place, we received an early surrender from holiday shopping.

Now I can live on through 2017 in peace.