8 easy home updates

It must be the pregnancy. I think they call it the “nesting urge.” I have been SO busy and had so much to do lately, yet all I want to do is clean and decorate the house. The impending baby plus all the visitors I know we'll be expecting in the coming months are really giving me the urge to add some home enhancements and cozy up our space a bit. However, we're on a really tight budget right now and honestly, I don't think we'll be sticking around in our current rental for much longer. This is REALLY not the time to be going crazy with projects and home enhancements, so I'm adding some fun, easy updates to curb my creative design urges.

8 Quick Tips for Home Enhancements that Won't Break the Bank

mirrors home enhancements

Wall mirrors instantly add intrigue to an otherwise dull hallway or room. Add a frame to existing mirrors for a more finished look.

Add new pillows to give your couch an instantly updated look, or dress up old pillows with flower pins or ribbon lining.

Pretty Patterns
Use fun contact paper with fun designs to line the backs of open shelves, dress up your backsplash (followed by a clear coat of kitchen-friendly paint to protect from dirt, of course) or add an interesting accent to an otherwise boring wall.

home enhancements

Update your Lighting
Paint an old lamp base or replace recessed lights with more stylish pendants for a cheap, easy update that makes your decor look more thought-out.

Clear It Out
Sometimes home enhancement aren't about adding more stuff, but eliminating clutter. Get rid of excess junk you have laying around that makes your space seem smaller than it really is.

A quick coat of paint on the front door or kitchen cabinets makes a huge impression without breaking the bank.

hardware home enhancements

Update hardware
Quick switches to custom drawer pulls, door knockers and handles are the type of home enhancements that go a million miles with just a few minutes of effort.

I always say that a house isn't really a home until it smells like your family. I grew up in a home where there was always laundry hanging on the line and fresh fruit being picked from the trees outside. I long for that smell. Since we don't currently have a bunch of fruit trees and I now prefer to dry my laundry in a machine, I've been using candles to imitate those smells that remind me of home.