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When I was a kid, I used to watch Inspector Gadget and Wallace and Gromit and swear that one day, I would have fancy gadgets like them. I had no idea at the time that I would indeed have awesome doodads, but they'd be more of the home health gadgets variety rather than the “go go gadget binoculars” sort. We have self-operating vacuums, steam machines, lights that turn themselves on and off. I hear that they're coming out with a self-operating window cleaner soon. I am ALL over that.

Our Guests' Favorite Home Health Gadgets: Soap Dispensers

home soap dispenser

Oddly enough, the thing that guests comment on the most is our LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap system. Who would have guessed that a soap dispenser would cause such excitement? Guests always come running out of the bathroom, “Cool soap dispenser! I just wave my hand under and the soap comes out.” A friend brought over her five-year-old awhile back and the kid came darting through the living room, “It's just like the movie theater in there!”

germs shall not pass

We first set this thing up a couple years ago in our guest bathroom. You all know how I feel about guest germs. My germs, my husband's germs, even my kids' germs are okay. But introducing other people's germs is somehow way grosser to me. I always got all skeeved out every time I had to use the guest bathroom and touch the same pump that non-related people had touched. I needed my home health gadgets to rescue me. Who KNOWS where their hands have been? Actually, truth be told, I do know where most of my friends' hands have been. Maybe that's why I'm so freaked out by the thought of it.

LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap.

Of all our home health gadgets, our LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap system was such a huge hit with everyone that I went ahead and put one in all the bathrooms. And it really is easy and convenient to have soap at just the wave of a hand. Especially when I'm dealing with cloth diapers. Let's be honest, here. Sometimes there is stuff on my hands that I REALLY don't want to be inadvertently wiping onto a soap pump for other people to come touch later. Ew.


The system comes complete with the dispenser system and the refill, with refills sold separately for when it's time to replace them.

LYSOL scented

And for those who have scent choice anxiety (let's all collectively raise our hands, shall we? I certainly don't want to be stuck with some weird mango coconut colada smelling thing lest I never hear the end of it from Nate)…it's scratch ‘n sniff! This takes me back, waaaay back, to my kindergarten days. Remember when we'd all be running around with our little sticker sheets? “I smell lime! Oooh, this one's orange!” Do they still make those things for kids? How about the markers? Something about sniffing markers never seemed quite right to me. And it was always sad when everyone would have their purple grape and red strawberry scents and that last kid would get stuck with the brown marker which mysteriously smelled like poo.

Do you collect home health gadgets to control the mess? Are you as germaphobic as I am? Does your kid touch EVERYTHING? Submit photos of your child's messiest moments to the LYSOL Kid Who Touches Everything Contest for a chance to win a trip to Disney World!

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