home storage shelving

We've just barely gotten unpacked in our new home, and things are already piling up. Mostly because friends keep visiting and bringing us STUFF. House-warming presents, stuffed animals for Some Boy, books for me to read in my plethora of downtime, decorations to spruce the place up. Since we doubled our square footage in this last move, it seems there's an immense pressure to fill all that extra space right away.

I can't really complain. I love stuff. Seriously, who doesn't love getting gifts? But I also love having an organized place to put it all. I corral the clutter with a lot of effort and a well-organized plan for home storage solutions.

home storage solutions

Contain yourself. I have a thing for putting things into other things. Does that sound sexual? No, you have a dirty mind. Anyway, I contain everything by giving it a designated storage home. Bags go inside of other bags. Tupperware inside bigger Tupperware. My bed linen sets even get stored in their pillowcases.

Shelve it. I had Nate build me shelves for my closet because, frankly, I don't have that much fancy stuff to hang up (and the stuff I should hang up usually just ends up piled in a corner). While my closet isn't exactly a vision of perfection, I can find what I need, when I need it.

home storage hangers

Just hanging. That hang space you don't need for your clothes can be utilized well for household goods and toys. Eliminate clutter on the floor by bagging stuff in a cloth laundry bag and hanging it in a closet. You can even stash a curtain rod under your kitchen sink and hang all of your cleaning solution bottles from their nozzles.

space bag home storage

Condense. If you can't shrink the extra stuff by getting rid of it altogether, condense it as much as possible. We've been using those Space Bag systems lately and are loving how much stuff we can cram down into that vacuum-sealed space. The Jumbo Tote holds up to two bedding sets, four pillows, and 12 sweaters or jackets. Of course, this is best for items you don't need to access too frequently.

space bag