It's officially summer, guys! Which means it's hot dog season.

hot dog season

Some Boy got to have his very first hot dog EVER a couple days ago. It was a Hebrew National hot dog, of course, with kosher chili.

chili dog

The only way to do chili in the summer is on a hot dog. I like my chili dogs bunless, with a little mustard on top.

Some Boy's first hot dog

Some Boy likes his with a bun. He has SUCH a bun fixation, in fact, that he kept dropping his dog on the ground. Dude. You're missing the best part.

Take Advantage of Hot Dog Season!

10 fun ideas for creating creative hot dog dishes

Are you having a barbecue this summer? Try creating a hot dog bar with all the components needed for guests to come up with their favorite dish of hot dog season! You could even have everyone vote on their favorite dog of the day. Here are some fun and creative dog ideas:

  • Bacon-wrapped dog
  • German kraut hot dog with fermented carrots and apple hash
  • Hot dogs on a bed of mashed potatoes, sprinkled with grated beets
  • Mango salsa and cilantro dog
  • Guaco dog
  • Hot dogs on a bed of potato chips
  • Pineapple teriyaki dog
  • Hebrew National topped with caramelized onions and ketchup
  • Tomato sauce, basil and bell pepper dog
  • Sweet pickle dog with cranberry drizzle

What other clever hot dog season combinations can you think of?