I ain't gettin any younger. And that's just fine with me. There was a time, just a few years ago, when having a “good time” meant something much more involved than relaxing with my family. It was a much more taxing event. My music was played a little bit louder, my food was a little bit sweeter and life moved a little bit faster. I can tell you that nobody in college knew how to drink gin, but we sure had visions of an upscale life. Life ambition was translated into speed. Success into saturation. Results into instant gratification.

ingredients for drinking gin

Then there was a change. I got married, got a career, I had my first son, bought a house, had my second son and got my dog. Somewhere in the totality of those events and years, my eyes became a bit more refined. I found I could still feel and recognize my success, but no longer had to look outward for it. I realized I no longer had to hunt for it. I had it…at home.

dad and boys

The interesting thing is, when I recognized this change it wasn't a bad thing. I was born a competitive person. So that made aging a bit…problematic. Am I an old fart? No. But responsibilities in my life have forced me to view and react to the world in a different way. Spending time closer to home with my boys now fills me with joy. I'm taking pride in the details.

How to Drink Gin

This father's day, it's going to be a fine time around the house with my boys and the mother that made them. BevMo was nice enough to send me some No 209 gin as well as some ‘botanicals' to try.

How to drink gin like a grown-up

Wondering how to drink gin? It's a pretty foolproof drink with flavor but not a lot of frills. A gentleman's drink for slowing down and enjoying life around you. I called my grandfather and came up with some suggestions for how to drink gin that I couldn't screw up. A modified Gin Rickey. 1 1/2 ounces of No 209 gin, a splash of lime juice, top it off with tonic water. I added Cardamom seeds for aroma. Shake it all together with ice, strain, pour and enjoy.

I may not be getting any younger, but I'm finding a certain fascination in the little details of life. Watching my boy take his first steps. Hearing a quieter beat. Learning how to drink gin in a highball glass.

I've slowed down my speed, and I sure am enjoying life a whole lot more.