cupcake frosting

Last week, I had the privilege of meeting cupcake QUEEN Candace Nelson at the opening of her new Sprinkles Cupcakes bakery in La Jolla. If you're not familiar with Candace, she's a judge on Food Network's Cupcake Wars and is credited with starting the entire cupcake craze six years ago when she opened the first ever cupcake bakery in Beverly Hills.  candace nelson cupcakesI absolutely admire this woman, and she's even sweeter than the to-die-for cupcakes that she concocts from premier ingredients like Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon vanilla and Callebaut chocolate. Sprinkles Cupcakes is known for perfectly-frosted cupcakes topped with signature sprinkles, dots, or decorative candies that indicate each cupcake's flavor. Candace gave our group (a bunch of local bloggers that get together for awesome events like this) her best tips on how to frost cupcakes to get her famously smooth, even topping.

how to frost cupcakes
Photo credit: Sprinkles Cupcakes

Tip #1: Cool your cupcakes completely before frosting. If the cupcakes are still warm, the top of the cupcake is liable to flake off while you frost.

Tip #2: Make your frosting the right consistency. Candace says that frosting should be dense and creamy, like ice cream. Over-mixing the frosting will incorporate too much air, resulting in frosting that later becomes runny and stiff.

Tip #3: Use an angled spatula for spreading frosting, like the 8″ Wilton spatula below. This will help you control the frosting's spread on the cupcake without getting it all over your hands.

spatula knife frosting

Tip #4: Use a lot of frosting. Put a big clump on your spatula initially, swooping it over the entire cupcake and removing any excess once the entire cupcake is covered. This makes for a much smoother application than if you add frosting bit by bit.

If you happen to be near San Diego, check out the newest cupcake shop in La Jolla. Sprinkles Cupcakes also has locations in many major cities throughout the United States, and New York and Washington DC locations are set to open in just a couple months.