twitter friends

I get other bloggers constantly asking me how to get Twitter friends. Honestly, I just network a lot. Having a big mouth helps. Another way? Bribery. I'm only half-kidding. Hosting a giveaway really does help new people find you. Gathering with other bloggers to contribute money towards a large prize cuts costs for you and creates a camaraderie of sorts. And a lot of people who enter giveaways are moms like myself hanging out at home with their kids, so I've found that they really do tend to stick around and engage.

If you're a blogger who wants to gain more Twitter followers, check out this TwitterBlast “Twitter hop” I'm taking part in! It's only $1 to join and the total prize will be a $100 Amazon Gift Card code. So people get chances to win by following everyone's Twitter accounts and finding new people online, and you get Twitter friends. Win-win.