how to wash dishes

Since moving to our new house and finally, finally getting a dishwasher, Nate's been all about helping out with the dishes. Whenever I ask for help at home, this is the first area where he steps in. He claims it's one of the easiest chores, and it's one he does really well. In fact, he gets the dishes just as clean as I do in about half the time! Since I consider myself to be the cleaning expert around here, I had to inquire about his methods. I was surprised to learn that he doesn't soak or pre-rinse or go to any of the meticulous lengths that I usually do. It was all I could do to restrain myself from intervening with cries of, “You're doing it wrong!” the first time Nate showed me how to wash dishes his way, but he insisted that this would save me time. And you know what? He was right.

How to Wash Dishes Like a Man

how to wash dishes

Step 1: Load dishes directly into the dishwasher. Do no soak. Do not rinse. Do not pass go. I know, I know…it's extremely tempting to just scrub a little of that crud off of there. Don't do it. If you have a dishwasher that's even halfway respectable, you do not need to put in the extra effort. I didn't believe Nate about this, so I actually did some research into the matter and it turns out that dishwasher detergents work best when the dishes are dirty. If you wash off the grime and stuff, the detergent has nothing to clean and ends up eating away at the glasses, degrading them over time. So there is really no need to pre-wash, especially with a powerful cleaning pac like Cascade Complete Pacs. I now scrape the major chunks into the compost and load the dishwasher immediately after that, saving a ton of time.

how to wash dishes with a dishwasher

Step 2: Toss in a Cascade Complete Pac. You can put it in the little cup made for dishwasher detergent, or literally just toss it in there with the dishes. I'm lazy, so I go with the latter. That's how the men folk do it, too!

how to wash dishes with a dishwasher

Step 3: Run the dishwasher on its strongest setting. We put ours on “tough scrub plus,” which helps get our pots and pans the cleanest. Yep, men put everything from cookie sheets to breast pump flanges in the dishwasher because they like to break the rules. We're living dangerously here, people.

clean wine glass

Step 4: Kick back with a beer and watch the game. I opt for a nice clean glass of wine and the latest Downton Abbey episode. Or you can try calling your mom and telling her you know how to wash dishes better than her. That oughta make for some interesting conversation.

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