Child safety depends on you

I've talked a lot about child safety here on the blog. We're in that “under five” age when the kids require constant attention. I try to keep my guard up all the time, security tight, cabinets locked, small objects away.

love my baby

The thing is, kids don't come with internal warning bells. They see the world as a place of adventure and fun and toys. It's not their job to worry about the scary things. That's my job. I know that I am the key to keeping them safe. And I take my job very, very seriously.

toddler and baby brothers

In my attempt to keep life simple, though, I started finding some awesome shortcuts around the house. You know those new single-load laundry packets? I love those things. Pop em in the washing machine, push the button, you're done. Unfortunately there was one time when, mid laundry routine, I turned my back for all of ten seconds to get something out of a nearby cupboard. Ten seconds and I turned around to find my toddler trying to put one of those little packets into his mouth.

That kid will put anything in his mouth. I quickly ran over and stopped a potential scary situation from happening but this is when I realized…all this time I was on autopilot staying laser focused on rogue toy car wheels and stray pennies, I had not stopped to think about obvious things like new cleaning products.

concerned baby

In fact, in 2012, the American Association of Poison Control Centers received reports of 6,229 unintended exposures to highly concentrated packets of laundry detergent by children 5 and younger. It seems this area of the house is being overlooked. Moms like me see the laundry space as their quiet corner. We worry about the dish soap, the big bottles of bleach, the ant spray. We get busy and we bring these new things into our home and somehow in the rush of it all, we don't take time to remember the safety messages that have been engrained in us since grade school. Up. Away. Out of sight.

I am the KEY to a Safe Laundry Room and Routine, and So are You

Over the next six months, I'll be joining the American Cleaning Institute to champion the cause of laundry safety. Every month, you'll see gentle reminders here on the blog to safely secure cleaning products like single-load liquid laundry packets throughout your house. Starting with today.

The ACI is asking you to take the KEY Pledge and acknowledge that you are the KEY to a safe laundry room and routine:

  • Keep single-load liquid laundry packets out of the reach of children
  • Educate your family and friends about the safe use and storage of these new laundry products
  • You serve a key role in laundry safety

Be the Key

Take the pledge to be the KEY to a safe laundry room and routine at Follow ACI's simple steps to a safe routine and you'll be automatically entered to win a $2,500 gift card to makeover your laundry room.* A safe family and a sweet laundry space? I can totally get on board with that! Go take the KEY Pledge today for your chance to win.

How do you plan to be the key to a safe laundry room and routine in your home?

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