…which is why I agreed to work with Disney on their clever idea to release the latest EXCLUSIVE Delivery Man trailer on 533 blogs at the exact same time. Vince Vaughn tells the story of a very unconventional family in his new film, so it was only fitting that the very unconventional “family” of the blogging world come together to share a piece of the story. Yes, we have an unusual sort of community, but we have fun and support each other and I wouldn't have it any other way. So without any further delay, here is the moment you've been waiting for.

BOOM! Internet, you have just been officially Vince Vaughned. 533 times.

Why 533 times, you ask? That's the number of children that Vince Vaughn fathers in Delivery Man. “Everyone has a purpose in life,” Vaughn says in the movie. “I just haven't found mine yet.” As you can guess, that all changes when he discovers that an anonymous donation to a fertility clinic has accidentally led to him becoming the biological father of 533 children. Chaos and confusion (and a whole lot of soul-searching and utter joy, I'm guessing) eventually ensues as a number of the children sue to find out who their biological father is.

“A normal person would not be in this situation,” remarks one character.┬áBut a normal person, Vince Vaughn is definitely not, as he soon embarks on a quest to connect with his children.

Also? That girl from “How I Met My Mother” is in this movie. You know the one. She rocks my socks.