Spiderman at Universal Studios

I lived in Los Angeles for six years in college, and I can honestly say that they were some of the best times of my life. I spent mesmerized hours dancing in the front row of the Roxy. Hollywood beckoned with big-name celebrities. Nate and I went out for expensive sushi dinners and we laughed into the wee hours at iconic bars where hipsters crooned and sorority girls got bucked off mechanical bulls. There were high heels and high standards, and a convergence of insatiable minds on the peak of success.

los angeles beach

When visitors would ask to see Los Angeles, though, I never took them to see the bright lights and big buildings. We drove the cracked streets and smelled salty air, winding from ragged Venice to the million dollar hills of Bel Air.

venice figurines

What makes LA special is its nuances. People are so busy in this city, so rushed and harried that I think when they're in the midst of it all, they can't grasp the astounding talent that lays around them.

Iran protest

They're looking for the next big thing, aggravated at the crowd that slows traffic on that tedious stretch of Wilshire Boulevard. But if they'd stop and take the time to look, they'd see the faces in that crowd. Faces that are passionately fighting for their beliefs, making history on the steps of the Federal Building.

Los Angeles bike rider

I was blessed to live in LA in the slow period of my life, when I had time to sit on benches with a cup of ice cream in hand and just watch the world go by, and I came to #LoveThisCity. I learned more in those moments than I ever learned in a classroom. If you have the chance I dare you to stop. Take a look at the people in this phenomenal city where every culture walks right by, dragging their beliefs, their stigmas, their norms along with them.

city passing by

In this place filled with dazzling sights and sounds, the people are the most awesome spectacle of all.