As a blogger and online marketing consultant, I consider the internet to be my workplace. It’s where I have meetings with fellow bloggers and companies. It’s where I go for research, where I occasionally goof off and where I store my work at the end of the day. So why is it that everywhere I live, my internet sucks?

When we first moved to San Diego we lived way up north and had the only service available through AT&T. The internet crashed constantly. Every half hour or so the entire system went down and if I hadn’t been diligently saving whatever I was working on, it was gone. Now that we’ve moved into an apartment closer to downtown, we have Time Warner. We had Time Warner when we lived in Los Angeles and couldn’t stand them, so I dreaded the idea of getting tangled up with them again. They provided our cable service in LA, which constantly went down. When we called them to service it they always gave us this weird run-around that in order to access the cable thing that needed to be fixed, they had to go through our neighbor’s backyard and the neighbors wouldn’t give them access so there was nothing they could do. Of course, Time Warner had a contract with the city so they were the only providers in our area and we had no other options. A monopoly, of sorts. Aren’t those illegal?

Anyway, we have Time Warner again strictly for internet, no television service (there's no way I was going down that road again). The internet service is somewhat better than we’ve had in the past, although the customer service is pretty much the same. The latest issue is that the wireless keeps going out, which seems to be an equipment problem on our end. Point is: I need better internet. I’ve always seen these ads for Verizon FiOS and been insanely jealous of the smiling people with their light-speed connectivity. Those fancy fiber-optics apparently give people awesome TV and broadband service “anytime, anywhere, on a multitude of devices.” Sign me up!

So as we’re looking to possibly move to yet another apartment (our lease is up shortly and we’re starting to feel a bit cramped), I’m going to make internet service a consideration in where we end up. My Craigslist search will scout out well-priced locations with in-home laundry, a washing machine, and…Verizon FiOS. We’ve tried every other service and constantly been disappointed. Verizon FiOS was rated number one in value, overall quality and customer loyalty last year. Having had their cell phone service, I've personally experienced their unparalleled customer service. It’s time to finally make our online work and entertainment needs a priority so life can be – as Verizon says – “easier, more productive and more fun.”

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Verizon FiOS blogging program for a gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.