A little over 4 months to go until D-day (or what Nate and his friends are referring to as “the beginning of the end”), and we're starting to get into the minutia of it all. My fingers are pretty much raw from cutting and folding invites, placecards, etc. We're trying to include personal details in as many aspects as possible – which is why the cake topper that Nate found is perfect.

funny cake topper

Nate's line of work requires him to carry a gun, and together we've spent hours at the shooting range perfecting his (and my) aim. Now, I know that guns are kind of controversial. I personally have all sorts of opinions on the right to bear arms, gun safety and children, etc., but I'll spare you my thoughts on that and just say that as a woman, I think it's a necessity to know how to defend yourself. I feel better knowing that if (god forbid) I ever get into a situation, I know how to handle myself and will – at the very least – give the guy a run for his money.

There is one problem, though: I'm not blonde. And he's not brunette. So I whipped out my acrylic paint set and went to work.

funny wedding cake topper

Nate complained that the silver guns were “too shiny,” so I brushed them with black to make them match his real ones. I also painted the flowers blue to match our color. If we were going for complete accuracy here, his head would be buzzed and my arms wouldn't be that skinny. But overall, I like this little Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie-ish version of us.

For any other gun-toting, acrylic paint-loving soon to be wed couples out there, the “Super Sexy Spy” cake topper is available at Amazon for $28 + $4.99 shipping.