I play “I Spy” with my family all the time. I spy a dog. I spy a car. I spy my living room while I'm on vacation.

Yep. I spy on my house while I'm away. We're using this new VueZone system, a battery-operated nanny cam that can be accessed remotely via our iPhone or laptop, to check in on the apartment when we're not there. Perfect for slightly neurotic new moms like myself, I can use it to check in on the family when I'm away (shhh…don't tell Nate), check in on babysitters or see how the animals are doing left unattended (now I can view all the shoe-chewing and garbage-ransacking in real time). It can even detect motion and send me an email alert with a video clip if something's up at the house.

Since there are no complicated wires or plugs, the cameras can easily be moved around from room-to-room on the fly. We can pan and zoom to get a closer look at anything we want. Best of all, I can record and share video with anyone I want. If Some Boy is doing something super-cute, I simply record it and shoot it on over to Grandma in Washington or Aunt Inger in Florida. No complicated uploading or software installation. Just click and send. My absolute favorite feature is the ability to schedule it to record at specific intervals, so I can capture – for example – 5 minutes of Some Boy's young life at the same time weekly and later compile them together for a quick glimpse of him growing over a year.

What would you do with a VueZone system?