us at the GRAMMYs

So, I went to the GRAMMYs. I've been trying to write this post since Sunday night, which should tell you something. It's not often that I have a hard time putting an experience into words.

If you've followed the blog for long you know that I got to go the GRAMMYs red carpet last year as part of my work on a campaign with MasterCard. It was amazing. Priceless. The most memorable part was when I met Justin Timberlake and promptly melted into a tiny little puddle of goo. He is the second most gorgeous person on the face of the planet. After my husband. Duh.

who is this
I have no idea who these guys are, but everyone else was taking their picture so I figured I should, too.

I thought that event was my once in a lifetime opportunity that I would get to cherish forever, and I was SO thrilled to have the experience. And then…this.


And then I see this video. WHAT?!? Was Justin Timberlake behind my second invite?  I'd like to think he remembered me from last year and specifically selected me to attend this time around. I'm told I make quite the impression…come on. It could totally happen. I'm remarkable.

So my sister and I headed to the GRAMMYs. It was epic and indescribable and everything that you'd imagine. LL Cool J does NOT do standup comedy during the commercial breaks (I've had a bizarre amount of people ask me this). They actually play clips from previous year's GRAMMY awards to keep the audience entertained between sets, but a large percentage of the audience makes a mad dash to the in-house McDonalds when the performances are on pause. There was no lip-syncing as far as I could tell and yes, Lorde totally looks like she's 45 even though she's supposedly only 17. Weird.

GRAMMYs afterparty

The thing I was most surprised by was the after party. Oh my gosh. I didn't know the GRAMMYs even had an official afterparty. Talk about a priceless surprise!

Nobody knows how to party quite like the GRAMMYs knows how to party. There were acrobats jumping on trampolines, gogo dancer people just hanging around being ogled, bizarre live mannequins modeling pricey outfits…and yet it was all really tasteful and elegant. Of course, MasterCard was there surprising cardholders with amazing gifts and experiences. Because why not?

GRAMMYs 2014

And it all started because of this blog.

So tell me…what surprises have brightened YOUR day lately?