old palm fanNate and I have had this fan in our living room since we moved in, and I've disliked it the entire time. A little over a year and a half with the central point of the primary living space in our home being on my “must swap out” list. Seriously people, I'm a trooper.

palm fan up closeNo offense to anyone else who has this fan (especially here in California with the tropical/beach thing being a common theme, I've actually seen it in a lot of houses). It's just not my style. I lean pretty hard towards a classic casual design, with graceful and contemporary accents. Nate is way more traditional, but we both agreed that the fan had to go.

Hunter ceiling fanWe're working with Hunter Fan Company and they gave us the chance to update with one of their fans. We had a lot of particular requirements for our living room fan: low ceiling height in a large room needing a ton of circulation, and I was insistent on getting a light incorporated since this room has always felt a little cave-ish. We finally landed on the 52″ Morelli fan and, as you can see, it transformed the entire room in a flash.

installing a fan electrical lightingWe aren't electrical pros by any means, but the installation was easy after Opa showed me some wiring basics. You basically need to put corresponding colors together, cap them with the little blue cap you see clutched in my pinky, and twist together.

installing a fan baseThat gets repeated a few times to connect the fan to the home circuitry, and then the whole kit and caboodle gets hidden as the fan base is installed flush against the ceiling.

toddler with remoteStep 3: corral the toddler, who will inevitably think that the fan remote is a telephone and will repeatedly try in vain to call Nana and Papa. I know he's almost too old for me to post the diaper shots. Almost. I'll start fully-clothing my child in another month…maybe two. I just can't get over the cuteness of his chubby little legs!

husband installing lights on fanStep 4: make husband do the heavy lifting. Nate wielded the fan blades and screwdriver and then got the lights in there.

Hunter FanTada! Room, transformed. Now if I can just install new tile and update that funky old fireplace. Honestly, I want to bust the whole thing out and move it into another corner of the room so I can squeeze a sectional in here or put a window along that wall. Crazy? Probably. If I REALLY had my druthers, the whole wall would get pushed back a good ten feet. But I don't see that happening any time soon.