So I told you all the other day that I'm pregnant, which obviously means I've ceased any and all unnecessary cooking for my family.

Lobster-worthy moment at Red Lobster

I have zero energy this first trimester, kind of ironic because I suddenly want to eat e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

After about four nights of takeout, I decided that Nate and I should go to a real restaurant and formally celebrate this baby-having thing. That's what we did after we found out about Some Boy, and then we somewhat-more-reluctantly recreated the process with Sidekick and Minion and now this womb-dweller whose name is yet to be determined.

Lobster-worthy moment at Red Lobster

Warning: what you do with one child, you must do with subsequent children or you will endlessly guilt yourself to pieces.

Lobster-worthy moment at Red Lobster

We've been working with Red Lobster, so Nate's had Lobsterfest on the brain. He declared that this was a totally lobster-worthy moment.

Honestly, I wasn't even sure if I could HAVE lobster while pregnant.

Lobster-worthy moment at Red Lobster

A quick internet search later, and I discovered that the answer is yes: pregnant people can have lobster once weekly AS LONG AS it is fully-cooked.

Lobster-worthy moment at Red Lobster

So we dragged my pregnant butt and our three young children (four if you count the one in the belly) on over to Red Lobster. I was a little anxious because it's been awhile since I've had an actual sit-down meal in a restaurant where they use metal forks, but the host quickly revealed a whole slew of crayons and coloring things and stashed us in an empty room.

I should probably mention that we were eating dinner at 4pm. Perfectly normal for a family of six.

Lobster-worthy moment at Red Lobster

The kids were equally stoked about the living creatures in the tanks and the cups with straw lids. Minion had his first shrimp, and as I attempted to explain the whole birthing-another-sibling situation to the oldest, the one-year-old seemed to completely and entirely grasp the concept.

“Baah-bay!” he burst forth in between munches.

It could be a total coincidence, seeing as how kids that age tend to mimic whatever random thing emerges from their parents' lips (including the obscenities…especially the obscenities) but it seemed to me that our whole memorable occasion really did make an impression on the kids. Maybe they actually understood the baby thing.

Lobster-worthy moment, indeed

Lobster-worthy moment, indeed.

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