at home laser hair removal

When I told a friend I was going to try at home laser hair removal, she rolled her eyes at me. “You're nuts. You realize there's a good chance you'll scald your eyebrows off or something, right?” Well, true, but that's pretty much always a risk with me. I'm not exactly known for my coordination. Anyway, I certainly don't intend to be pointing the laser anywhere near my face (not with my track record for mishaps!) so I think I'll be okay.

at home laser hair removal tria device

At Home Laser Hair Removal

When Tria offered to send me their at home laser hair removal kit (the only laser available for at-home use), I just couldn't pass it up. I hate shaving, and quite frankly don't have the time for it anymore. But I don't have the money for professional laser treatments, so I thought I was pretty much stuck between a rock and a hairy place. Then along came this $395 gadget that promises to make my body smooth forever. Am I skeptical? Yes. Totally. I'm a die-hard skeptic. But it's worth a shot if there's even a chance that this little thing can actually deliver and make me hair-free within six months.

at home laser hair removal

I'll report back to you all on my progress and how this contraption is working and what I think about at home laser hair removal along the way. I'll also have one of these bad boys to give away on the blog around the holidays, so stay tuned for that!

This post is sponsored by Tria. All opinions are my own.