Indoor Picnic playdate

Oral-B Stages sent over some products for us to share with our friends, so we decided to have a picnic playdate for our parent pals and their tots. My friend above is just had her baby a couple weeks ago, so I was really impressed that she made it out. I think a couple weeks after Some Boy came along, the best I managed was stumbling through the aisles of Target in a stupor. How adorable is that baby with her bright red hair?!

The toothbrushes and goodies that Oral-B sent over for us to share were Winnie the Pooh themed, so we went with that and thought we'd have a hundred acre wood style picnic. It's not exactly field frolicking weather outside, though, so we hosted our little shindig indoors.

picnic honey

We opted for breakfast foods and snacks that go well with honey. Things like chamomile and spice teas, toast, nuts, etc.

baby playdate indoor picnic

Some Boy was just about crawling at this point and was fascinated at his newfound ability to saunter up to other babies and get all up in their face.

Indoor Picnic

The kids watched Winnie the Pooh while the rest of us sat around and chatted about everything from children's health to decorating and the fact that my apartment hasn't been this clean since…well, the last time we had people over.

oral-b stages

And of course, there were gift bags! What's a party without gift bags? We were all excited to learn about Oral-B Stages and how it can keep kids' teeth clean and help them develop good habits early on. Some Boy is 7 months old now and I brush his teeth almost every single day with these special baby toothbrushes that have extra-soft bristles for his tender gums. It actually seems to help him with the teething process and he sits remarkable still and calm during teeth brushing time. Apparently kids should be brushing their teeth twice a day by age two (and flossing as soon as two teeth touch!), so we're getting off to a good start.

This post is sponsored by Oral-B Stages through MommyParties. All opinions are my own.