My wedding is officially six months away. It sounds like plenty of time, but I'm starting to get stressed out. So much to do. So much to pay for! After a florist quoted me $60 a piece for really tiny, really crappy bouquets, I decided I could get inexpensive wedding flowers and easily make the bouquets myself for way less. A friend suggested a place near me in San Diego that she called “Wholesale Flowers.” After visiting, I decided it would be more aptly named “heaven.”

Excuse the barrage of blurry photos…I was a little over-excited. The pots! The flowers! The shiny stuff and dangly things! And they actually have my color ribbon!! We picked this random blue color that's not quite turquoise, not quite Tiffany blue or cornflower…I call it “dark pool.” Crayola should hire me. Anyway, this color choice has been a real pain in the neck when it comes to invites, chair sashes, etc. So finding this color ribbon wholesale is an absolute miracle.

For my wedding bouquets, I want really simple hand-tied white roses (which are exactly what they sound like: a bunch of roses tied together with ribbon, by hand). Easy-peasy, none of those fancy wedding bouquet sponges or hand-held vases. And at $13.99 for two dozen, I'll still come out on top even if I screw up like, five bouquets. I'm even able to order ahead to make sure the flower place has what I want in stock when the wedding day rolls around.

For people getting married who don't happen to live in San Diego…um, why don't you live in San Diego? Seriously, it's nice. Unless you really insist on having four seasons and simply loathe the sun. Where was I? Oh yeah. If picking up and moving isn't an option, you're still likely to have a wholesale flower market nearby. Try a Google or Yelp search for wholesale flowers in your nearest city. Costco, surprisingly, is also a great resource for inexpensive wedding flowers. So is Sam's Club. There are even a few online flower wholesalers who will FedEx inexpensive wedding flowers right to your door. Check out DIY Bride's list of wholesale flower distributors for some reputable retailers.