Inside Out Banana Split

I must say, this is the weirdest thing I've ever done in the kitchen. I used a 10mL syringe to hollow out a banana and stuff it full of ice cream.

banana split syringe

Why do I even HAVE a 10mL syringe and what prompted me to use it on my food? I blame the baby. See, we recently found out that Some Boy has acid reflux, and the pharmacy keeps sending me home with these syringes to squirt medicine into his mouth. Babies with heartburn don't sleep a whole lot (can you blame them?), and it doesn't leave me much time to feed myself. All this led to me standing in the middle of my kitchen one day with a syringe of medication in one hand and a banana in the other (attempting to get some sort of sustenance every chance I get). This is when I had the most brilliant, awesomely incredible lightbulb moment ever. I could use this thing to put ice cream inside of a banana.


Inside Out Banana Split

Inside Out Banana Split with ice cream

10mL syringe (parents, most of you will have one of these laying around for medication. Otherwise, the pharmacy has tons of them)
First Street Vanilla Bean ice cream
Magic Shell chocolate sauce


Cut off the top of the syringe with a knife. Be careful to cut it cleanly so there are no flecks of plastic hanging off.

cut banana split

Cut off both ends of the banana and cut it down the center.

banana split syringe

Remove the stopper piece from the syringe and then insert the syringe into the banana. Cover the hole on the end of the syringe with your finger and pull up. The syringe will pull out a long piece from the center of the banana.

hollow banana splitPeel the banana and freeze for at least 15 minutes

banana split chocolate

Carefully drizzle Magic Shell into the banana to coat the inside with chocolate. Freeze for at least five more minutes.

stuffed banana split

Insert the syringe into the ice cream quart (this is easier if the container is full, but I got hungry), cover the hole on the end of the syringe with your finger and pull up. The syringe will pull up a tube of ice cream. Insert the stopper into the end of the syringe and push to squeeze the ice cream into the banana (you can see I accidentally broke off part of the banana while doing this. It happens).

inside out banana splits

Freeze for at least 15 minutes and then serve whole or sliced.

And there you have it. An inside-out banana split that will totally impress your friends at the next dinner party!