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When it comes to phones, computers and tablets, I've been quite the picture of disloyalty. At one point I owned an Apple phone, an Android tablet AND a Windows PC. Simultaneously. I ditched most of the Apple stuff a couple generations ago (stupid updates and lagginess…grumble grumble grumble), but I've been hopping back and forth from Windows to Android for awhile now with my phones and tablets.

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The toddler recently took over my old tablet and it was time for me to make an upgrade, but I was a little bit stumped. I love the large surface and photo quality of some of the Windows offerings, but Android draws me in with their plethora of apps and usability. What I truly love about both, though, is the same: a familiar interface and battery life that lasts and lasts. I headed to Best Buy to do a little more hands-on sleuthing.

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A friendly dude in blue came to help me immediately when I showed up in the tablet section looking confused. I mentioned that I own an online media company that relies on WordPress, and he said I'd be able to update my site from any tablet that has a WordPress app…which is pretty much all of them. I asked about Intel Inside because all my techy friends had told me to look for a tablet with their fast processors and built-in security, and he immediately directed me to the Surface Pro. “This is the fastest computer-like experience you'll find in a tablet,” he said. “They have quad core processors as opposed to the dual found in most tablets.”

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“Okay Mr. Fancy Verbiage, but what's the difference between Windows 8 and RT?” I'd been hearing a lot about the Windows platform recently and I've loved my Windows phones in the past, but the guy in blue explained that with the new Windows RT, you can't install programs. It has to be an included app in the Windows store in order to run on tablets that rely on that platform, and I've frankly been very disappointed with the Windows app offerings in the past. Hmmm. The Surface Pro is too expensive for me, meaning that I was left looking at the Surface RT at $450. If I'm going to spend THAT much money for a tablet, I want it to run software like a computer.

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I asked about Intel Inside in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 #IntelTablets because I'd heard particularly good things about that tablet's performance, and he said he wasn't very familiar with it. We went to the Samsung section and he indicated that the Note would be a good choice for my high-performance needs, but again the cost was out of my range. A look at the specs revealed that the Galaxy Note 8.0 has a 1.6 GHz CPU speed as opposed to 1.2 in the Note 10.1 and Tab 3 10.1.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 #shop

Mr. Blue Man Group did express concern that the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 10.1 might be laggy due to the smaller processor if I'm trying to do a lot of editing, but I test drove every display tablet and found it to be one of the speedier ones. With the goal of finding a tablet with Intel Inside to get all the benefits of a fluid and intuitive experience that the WHOLE family can operate, this was definitely the best price point and performance for my needs.

Intel Inside - flexible for family use #shop

I like the large screen size for entertainment purposes, the fast Intel processor that helps with long battery life and security, and the cost. This was significantly cheaper than any of the Windows options that were comparable, and less expensive than the Note while still having all the capabilities we really need. Plus, I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as my phone, Nate uses a a Galaxy s4 and we both use the Samsung NX1100 camera with WiFi for family and blog photos. I love that all of these gadgets sync via Google and Dropbox so I can take a photo or update a document on one and it's seamlessly ready to go on my next device! It's perfect for keeping the kids busy as well, with our tablet serving as on-the-go entertainment with Netflix, XM and remote control for our TV.

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Do you use a tablet? Which one's your fave?