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I have been BURSTING with anticipation to share this news with you all.

Fisher-Price bunting

And no, I'm not having twins. Seriously, if one more person asks me that, I'm going to develop a complex.

The FP Insiders team at Fisher-Price

I've officially joined forces with Fisher-Price as an FP Insider! What this means is that I get an inside look at how the company operates, and I get to share play tips as well as the latest-and-greatest in childhood gear with our readers here at Someday I'll Learn.

Fisher-Price crew playing around

You know I love seeing companies team up with real moms and dads to get insight into our everyday lives. They've hand-picked a team I'm wild about, including Jennifer from Baby Making Machine, Adrian from Dad or Alive and Rachel from Rachel Cooks.

Learning how a toy is made at Fisher-Price

The four of us gathered recently at Fisher-Price headquarters where it was founded in East Aurora, NY, for a chance to chat with Fisher-Price toy makers, designers, customer service, safety experts and more. It was incredible to hear how much heart and soul – and intense research – goes into every single product that they make.

Puppy at Fisher-Price

I was really excited to speak with the toy designers and see how a toy goes from concept to reality, with hands-on design starting in a sketchpad and progressing through clay models to functional pieces. They often pull ideas from their own children or childhood memories! Yes, it was exactly like Tom Hanks in BIG. I may have been completely geeking out.

Leanring how a toy is made at Fisher-Price

My children have been known to use toys not exactly as intended, but I've always been able to rely on Fisher-Price for safety. They are absolutely trustworthy and they test the heck out of stuff before packaging it up and sending it off to retailers. Seeing that process and the production changes that are made based on real-life experience was the most fascinating part for me. They have a program where they offer free on-site preschool to families in exchange for having their kids try out the latest toys, and they pay infants and children in the local community to come in for playtime with their parents to see how people really get hands-on.

Fisher-Price employee benefits

We also got a glimpse into how the company treats their employees. On-site bikes, a gym, childcare options and the most amazing full service dining lounge I've ever seen in an office. It's no wonder staff has been known to stick around for over 50 years!

mom advice at Fisher-Price

Children grow by playing, and I'm proud to be part of this amazing group to support parents in fostering childhood play.

Fisher-Price FP Insiders Logo

You can check out some behind-the-scenes footage and get tips from all of us experienced parents with unique insights over at the FP Insiders site. You can message the team on social media by including #FPinsiders in any posts – now's your chance to ask questions about toys, childhood development, tips and more!

Sidekick with classic Fisher-Price toy

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the coming months – perfectly coinciding with the arrival of Nate and I's third baby.