Nate and I have two refrigerators in our home, and have learned that there's a lot more to their functionality than just plugging them in. Read the sponsored guest post below for suggestions on installing an integrated fridge in your home!

An integrated fridge is a great asset to the household. Despite this, it is remarkable how many of these appliances are installed incorrectly. Many disregard the instructions, thinking the entire process will be a simple and hassle-free operation.

Installing this household appliance incorrectly could, in fact, cost you a great deal of money in the long run. It is for this very reason that, when I purchased my own device, I made a great pact to read the instructions from front to back.

Many may even wonder how this installation process could go wrong! I mean how difficult is it to plug the appliance in? This is, however, far from the case and it is all down to the airflow. Integrated refrigeration airflow is possibly the biggest factor to affect the integrated device. This can be a slow process and can take months or even years to become an established problem. Quite often, the consumer won't discover this problem until it's too late!

Airflow is imperative to the way in which an integrated fridge functions. It is also critical to the longevity and general efficiency of the unit in question. This is mainly down to the fact that any freezer, fridge or fridge/freezer is essentially a heat exchange device.

The heat exchange process creates a cool air inside the appliance. This allows us to place various foods inside the fridge, keeping it refreshed and allowing it to last longer. If the fridge stops drawing in this cool air, it will no longer work. The air must be expelled somehow. When installing a fridge/freezer, it is imperative that you consider this airflow and place the household appliance in the correct place.

Most devices use a similar method, in the sense that cool air will be drawn in through the bottom of the appliance, usually through a grill. The warm air will then be expelled through holes in the side of the unit. These holes are generally placed at the very back of the appliance, especially on integrated appliances.

There are a huge number of integrated appliances to choose from, some will even brighten up the kitchen space. Choose a colorful appliance for a more contemporary kitchen and a more subdued hue for a traditional or simply-style space. When it comes to buying this device, it is important to shop around and the internet is a great place to begin this shop.

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