Invisalign Teen

Both Nate and I needed braces as children (I actually had them twice!), so we know that our kids are most likely in for the same fate. We've talked about it a few times and neither of us remember our experiences fondly. If possible, we want to avoid the hassle and pain of braces for our children. We've discussed getting Invisalign ourselves (oh, did I mention that braces didn't actually work for either of us? Our teeth are still messed up) but we never knew it was an option for anyone other than adults with minor cosmetic issues. I was excited to learn that Invisalign actually has a product developed specifically for teens.


Invisalign is a series of removable and practically invisible aligners that move teeth over time just like braces. They can actually treat many of the same conditions as braces, such as crowding, spacing problems, underbites and overbites. Invisalign requires fewer appointments than braces and they're clear and inconspicuous, eliminating a lot of the social awkwardness associated with “metal mouth.” Yeah, I remember all the nicknames well…adolescents can be brutal. And since they're removable, teens can eat whatever they want and easily care for their teeth while they have them. Best of all, there aren't any emergency appointments or painful wires coming loose.

Invisalign woman

When planning for our children's care, it's great to know that there are more options available than when Nate and I were kids. We still both want Invisalign for ourselves, but we'll definitely be getting it for our kids. Considering that the cost is comparable to braces, it's an easy decision and we know it will make the best of an inevitable issue. As for me, I have a problem with TMJ (jaw pain caused by misalignment and teeth grinding) and a couple dentists have told me that Invisalign can actually ease symptoms by correcting the misalignment. So while I'll keep my children at the top of the Invisalign list, I'm keeping myself on there as a close second. The fact that it will improve my smile cosmetically is also a really nice bonus!

This post is sponsored by Invisalign. All opinions are my own.