I'm in a much better mood than the last time we spoke.

World domination

In this week's video blog, I'm talking about my general tendency to get way too busy. It's not necessarily a bad thing to be busy, IF you're busy with things that are fulfilling. The issue is when your schedule gets piled with stuff that you don't really want to be doing. Saying “yes” to things that you feel lukewarm about is a slippery slope. I think it's largely a woman issue, as this society grooms us to be peacekeepers and make others happy.

Hell yeah... quote

“It's a hell yeah or it's a no.” I believe it was either Tiffany Romero or Danielle Smith who first said this to me, and it clicked. I'm not always as mindful of this concept as I should be, especially when I get tired or frazzled. It's a truly detrimental cycle, as my personal strength and will wanes under the weight of so many requests. When you've already been knocked to the ground, it's easy to just accept that you're there and let people use you as a doormat. I fall back into a tired routine of people-pleasing because it's instinctual. It actually takes mental clarity to go against the habit. “Yeah, sure, I guess I can do that” becomes the go-to response until my whole life is filled with “why not?”s.

Time to hit the reset button.

It's time to reclaim my life and my priorities. This does mean that people get taken aback once in awhile. It does mean that I get called the big, scary B-word on occasion. That's okay. I can make my peace with that, confident in the knowledge that the right choice for me IS the right choice.


You need to say no to the wrong things to leave room for the right ones.