jungle nursery ideas

After our big move, Some Boy's jungle nursery lost some of its more jungle-themed touches. My DIY tree wall mural sadly didn't survive the trip, and since Some Boy nearly doubled his space in the new place (lucky boy), his nursery's been looking a bit barren. So we decided to go all out with the jungle nursery theme, and have been slowly adding touches to make his room more cozy.

jungle nursery ikea leaves

We picked up these big leaves at Ikea for just $15 each to accent our jungle nursery theme.

jungle nursery monkeys

I'm planning to do another wall mural in this room. That'll be done just as soon as I figure out how exactly I'm going to mount those books up on the wall, since I can't squeeze a bookshelf into that corner and I need the empty space along the other wall to fit another crib when the new baby comes along. The place won't be quite so spacious then, I suppose. In the meantime, Some Boy's monkeys are just suspended in open space. Very boring existence for those poor creatures.

baby caricature

We had this caricature done of Some Boy at Legoland a few months back and I loved it so much I framed it.

jungle nursery rug

What really draws the jungle nursery thing together, in my opinion, is this awesome Linen Cyclone rug that Mohawk Home sent over. Nate had his doubts about the pattern until we saw it in person. I knew all along that the cool swirly patterns would come off looking like a neat little river running through the room. I've bought a few Mohawk Home rugs in the past and I've always loved them. They're really high-quality, made right here in America.