…I have adorable children, huh?

I'm not sure how they got so adorable. I wouldn't characterize myself or Nate as particularly adorable. Scrappy, maybe. A little bit weird. Slightly obsessive. But adorable? These kids just ooze adorableness and I frankly don't know where it came from.

adorable boy

I've been trying desperately to get these two kids into a photo…together…at the same time. To capture some of that adorableness on digital film and remember it for years to come. I want to whip out pictures of these boys when they bring their first girlfriends home and oooh and aaaah over their cute little baby antics and make comments like, “You were SO adorable. What happened?”

But alas, they refuse to cooperate. It seems that there's only room for one child's adorableness in each frame. I keep buying these precious, sweet matching outfits and getting them all ready for a good old-fashioned family portrait to document their cute brotherly love. Add it fails miserably every time. I get Sidekick all propped up on the couch or whatever, but Some Boy suddenly refuses to go anywhere near him. Then Some Boy finally settles down and gives lovey-dovey little kisses and Sidekick decides to upchuck his last feeding all over his face. There's no winning.

adorable baby

So this time around, Nate captured them in their element, just doing what they do every day. Some Boy being a goofball and Sidekick giving that eternally-skeptical little baby expression. They may not be the picture-perfect portraits I was looking for, but I think they're perfect. I'm going to frame these last two and put them side-by-side in the nursery.

And if you're wondering about this latest set of outfits (how dang cute are those little tugboats on their shirts? And those stripey shorts??), these sets came from Gymboree. I went on a little shopping spree there a couple weeks ago and fell in love with their new spring line. I wound up splurging and spending a little over $100 on matching outfits for the boys, socks to last Sidekick a lifetime, and sunglasses for Some Boy's sensitive crystal blue eyes.

adorable shades

Some Boy digs the glasses.

And since I spent over $100 during a special promotion they had going on, I get $50 off my next $100 purchase. Sa-weet. And I got $20 off enrollment at Gymboree Play & Music AND additional savings on my first purchase when I joined Gymboree Rewards. Check out the bright blues, neons and greens in their new spring line. Seriously, so cute. I also picked up a versatile orange windbreaker for Some Boy for those sailing trips that Opa's going to take us on when the weather clears up.

Ahem. I know Opa's reading this. Hint, hint. I want to get back on a sailboat!

This post is sponsored by Gymboree. All opinions are my own.