denizen jeans for mom

Before I had Some Boy, I was ALL about the hip-huggers. Low riding jeans were my friend. They make girls with no booty suddenly look like we have curves. Me and my stick-thin frame would strut around in low-rise denim like we were Marilyn Monroe. Then something strange happened. I had a baby, and suddenly I actually had those curves that I craved for so long! I discovered that those hip huggers are not actually very hip-friendly afterall. It was time for me to get some jeans that fit a real, post-teenage body. It was time for some jeans for mom.

Initially, I did what I've been doing for years. Me and my extra baby weight strolled right into Forever 21. But it seems that Forever 21 is for people who are, ya know…twenty-one. I experienced the same disillusionment at all the teenybopper stores as I realized I'm just too dang old for this stuff. It was like Christmas 1994 all over again, when my mom told me she was “helping Santa out.” Yeah mom, I'm on to you. I know you took all those presents from Mr. Claus so you could get all the glory. It's a sad day when a nine-year old catches her parents trying to steal Saint Nick's thunder.

denizen mom jeans

Anyway, the people from Levi saved the day and sent me a pair of their new dENiZEN jeans to try out. They fit perfectly! They come up high enough to cover my post-baby belly, without making me feel like Steve Urkel. Best of all, they're sold at Target – every mom's favorite store. They have them for women, men and kids so I can stock up for the whole family without making multiple stops (and at under $30 a pair, I don't have to stress over the price tag either). I swear, Target calls to me like it has some sort of homing beacon. All the toys, home supplies and paper goods are like crack for new moms running on no sleep.

mom jeans

With all sorts of different cuts and “Totally Shaping” features to help with my newfound curves, these are the jeans I'll be wearing for quite awhile. I truly do wear them daily, doing everything from gardening to going to the movies. They're jeans for mom. Not mom jeans.

For more information, check them out over on Facebook. Can I just say how awesome I think it is that my JEANS have a FACEBOOK page? Not only can I “like” how they fit, I can “like” them on Facebook and tell them so! Technology makes it so much easier for me to interact with my clothing. It's what all the cool moms are doing…at least, that's what the hip kids at the teenybopper stores told me.

Levi sent me a pair of their dENiZEN jeans to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.