Bathtime at Oma's house

The boys love bath time at Oma and Opa's house. They have the big spa tub with tons of room to swim around. The generous-sized ledges hold boats and cups and bottles of soap for bubbles galore. Oma has way more patience for being splashed than I do. I'm pretty sure this is the boys' favorite time out of their whole entire week.

Their favorite time, that is, with the exception of when they accidentally lean against the jets. Toddlers and jet-powered water don't really lead to happy times, it seems. I personally think differently and would love to be given regular chances to sit in a whirring tub, but what do I know?

Johnson's baby product update

I remember Oma telling me that she'd read a report that parents were concerned about ingredients in the Johnson's shampoos and soaps we used on our babies. It was confusing to hear things about a product that my family has relied on for years. Johnson's has been a long-term partner of ours: it's what my mom used on me, and what her mom used on her.

So we were excited to hear that in response to concerns, Johnson's Baby was making changes to their product formulas to give parents peace of mind.

Johnson's says that “Your Promise is Our Promise,” and it means a lot to us to work with a company that truly cares and responds to the concerns of their customers. As parents, we all live in this confusing world, trying to do the very best for our children amidst numerous studies and conflicting reports. We shouldn't have to worry about products that are intended to make life better.

happy bathtime

So you can rest easy knowing that popular Johnson's Baby products (head-to-toe wash, lotion, shampoo, shampoo & conditioner for thick and curly hair, shampoo & conditioner for thin and straight hair, shampoo with calming lavender and soothing vapor baby bath) have been reformulated. No more formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, no phthalates and no more parabens.

Just sweet, tear-free bubbles and skin-softening liquid.

So bath time can be happy and stress-free, as it should.