With Some Boy now just three weeks old, Nate and I have been anxiously tracking and awaiting every new step. His first bath, his first smile (most likely gas-induced), the first time he peed in his own eye. This kid's got some serious aim! It's no wonder we're already anticipating the day he starts crawling and, eventually, walking…so we were really excited when Juppy asked us to host a giveaway of their unique baby walker.

Juppy Baby Walker

We want to provide our baby with every helpful toy and possible advantage to ease his development, but we've seen a lot of negative press about traditional baby walkers. Many doctors claim that baby walkers shouldn't be used because babies tend to tip in them or pull items down onto themselves. The unique Juppy baby walker, however, has no risk of tipping or accidents as it simply gives parents an extended reach to help their babies walk.

We tried out the Juppy baby walker with a friend and her baby and were amazed at how much easier it was to handle the little guy. Some Boy wanted in on the action, but he's got a ways to go before he'll be up and about!

Juppy walker