a normal day in the backyard

It's occurred to me that I don't post a lot of pictures of myself on just a normal day. I get a lot of photos taken at events and whatnot that I think leads people to believe I'm schmoozing with celebrities and being wined and dined all the time. That is SO not my life. The majority of my time is spent at home, chasing after Some Boy, cooking, crafting. Which is another reason why I'm not featured here much: I'm always behind the camera. So here's me, doing what I spend a lot of time doing on just a normal day.

just a normal day

Just a Normal Day

The backyard is my happy place. I spend a lot of time back here on just a normal day, obviously NOT mowing the grass. You can't see it in the picture, but Some Boy was standing on the patio thrusting our marshmallow roaster into the air like a knight. He's into jousting a lot lately. Not sure where he picked that up.

a normal day picking pomegranates

I've been impatiently waiting for the pomegranates, and my giant belly, to ripen.


We're getting there.


I'm wearing the newest clothing line I've become a bit obsessed with, XCVI. And no, it isn't maternity wear…just comfortable, high quality stuff that fits me in all my iterations (I have a personal vendetta against most maternity lines. Why do they always think pregnant women want to wear Easter egg colors??). The XCVI fall line is a lot of this slouchy, cozy stuff that I can easily curl up by the fire in or just lounge around the house with on just a normal day, but it's cute and professional enough to quickly accessorize for one of those fancy meetings I have on occasion. I just discovered that they have a pop-up store in The Oaks Mall up in Thousand Oaks, CA through September 30th. My old stomping grounds! I moved to the Ventura area when I was a sophomore in high school, and The Oaks mall was the place to be. Every single day after school all the teenagers would congregate there because it's pretty much the only thing to do when you live an hour from all the LA hotspots.

Any fellow Venturanites (Venturians??) out there?

Is anyone else here from Ventura? I stumble across a fellow northern-Los Angeles person every couple of months and we always reminisce about the mall, the mini golf and the county fair…because that's pretty much what the area consisted of just a few years back. My family still lives in the area (I make the few hour trek every couple of months) and it's come a LONG way. The place is actually getting pretty chic and has become something of a celebrity escape, with tons of upscale dining options around the Westlake Village area. And the mall has been completely revamped since my high school years. I get totally lost every time I go now, with all the fancy stores. If you're in the area before September 30th, check out the XCVI pop-up store. In addition to their fabulous clothes, they're also hosting a “weekender” series of lifestyle events such as yoga instruction, green living seminars, performances by local musicians and organic juice tastings. Come to think of it, that pretty much sums up just a normal day in the “new” Ventura very well: healthy green living meets fun entertainment. Which kinda describes my own approach to life.

This post is sponsored by XCVI. All opinions are my own.