You all know Nate and I don't watch much TV around here. I ignore reporters, I don't care what newspapers say. I live in a little bubble and I like it. I detest the politics of the world (yes, this is coming from someone who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UCLA). I really only know what's going on most of the time because five bajillion of my Facebook and Twitter friends shove their viewpoints down my throat. I don't join in with the noise. For the most part, I avoid addressing current events on the blog because first and foremost, I want to keep things personal.

HRC logo

But when I logged on to Facebook this morning and saw that literally hundreds of my friends had changed their profile picture to this equality sign in support of marriage equality, I realized something.

This is as personal as it gets.

An old college friend had this to say on the subject:

“This week the US Supreme Court will review Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act. I hope that as my friend, you can show support for me by making the HRC red logo your profile picture to show that you believe marriage equality is a human right. I would like to move back to the States someday, and I hope I can come back as a proud American and with my partner.”

I'm feeling a little emotional today and something about this – this friend I haven't even spoken to in at least five or six years – it just hit me.

And I sobbed.

I've shared the tale of my traumatic upbringing. Those who were supposed to love me…didn't. It's a pride-shattering thing to feel unlovable. Frankly, it royally screws a person up forever. To think that we're not deserving, we're not good enough. To feel like the world in general doesn't recognize us or our feelings as valid and worthy.

I would never, ever want to take away another person's opportunity to love and be proud of it and shout it from the damn rooftops.

So today, please just love. Whoever you are. Your politics, your religion, your background doesn't matter. When it comes to our basest human emotions, none of those things should matter.

Just love.