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After a six-year-long hiatus from the music world, Justin Timberlake is finally dropping his new CD on March 19th! Rolling Stone calls The 20/20 Experience “more elastic and sprawling than anything on the radio.” Jimmy Fallon is celebrating the occasion with an entire week of Justin, cleverly dubbed “Justin Timberweek.” Of course, the Day family had to get in on the action with a Justin Timberweek party of our own.

Our “Justin-Timberlake-is-Phenomenal” Party

bringing sexy back

My love for JT is legendary. When I was 13, *NSYNC was the second CD I ever bought (after Backstreet Boys…I know, I know). I grew up in his era, and can even remember watching him on the Mickey Mouse Club. Did you know that he and Ryan Gosling were roommates during the Mickey Mouse Club?? Justin Timberlake's mom was actually his guardian for six months, and they pulled all sorts of pranks together. Golf cart-stealing pranks. Nate and I have been known to pull one of those ourselves, come to think of it.

justin timberweek tablescape

Anyway, so we had to have a Justin Timberweek party to celebrate Justin Timberlake's new CD. Remember when I saw him at The Grammys and just about fainted? A party was definitely in order. This may look like the most bizarre mishmash of tablescape items ever, but any diehard fan knows that there is very good reasoning behind each of these choices.

justin timberlake party decor

I based my Justin Timberweek party all around his favorites and his new The 20/20 Experience track list!

justin timberlake shades

Stunner shades in honor of the 20/20 theme? Check.

justin timberweek

Our centerpiece featured a tie, in honor of JT's pre-release single, Suit and Tie. And Mirrors, the title of his ninth track on the new album. I threw in a couple of my favorite teen magazines – you know, the ones I used to read when I became obsessed with him as a teen. I like to incorporate a little of my own personality into all of my parties. Makes for good conversation.

justin timberweek food

We served pasta, which (according to my savvy internet-Googling) is Justin's favorite food.

justin timberweek

And peppermint patties, his favorite dessert.

justin timberweek party

What do strawberry bubblegum and spaceships have in common? Yup…both are from his new CD, tracks four and six.

justin timberweek bringing sexy back

No party is complete without party activities! My friends and I customized our own “sexy back” t-shirts, since we're SO giddy that JT's bringing sexy back all throughout Justin Timberweek!

justin timberweek quote

I even created a music-inspired wall of fame. I love this quote from Justin Timberlake. “The most boring thing in the world? Silence.”

justin timbershades

Oma even got in on the action! She came and helped keep an eye on the little dudes while we all got our JT on.

Justin Timberweek concludes March 19th with the highly-anticipated CD Launch!

biggest justin timberlake fan ever

If you're as stoked about #JT2020 as I am, don't miss out on the chance to score The 20/20 Experience between March 19th and 24th at Walmart for just $7. You can even preorder here, if you're afraid you might forget and miss out.

Not that anyone would forget an event as epic as this after Justin Timberweek, would they?

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