I've felt a bit less than awesome in the parenting department lately. The boys haven't been on nearly enough play dates in the last couple months, and they're getting stir crazy. Back in November one of the little girls next door invited us to her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, but we couldn't make it because it was the same day as Sidekick's birthday.

Sidekick thinking

I promised the boys we could go another time. They were eager to check out the games and pizza and awesome fun that their friends described. But then Minion was born. “Soon, soon,” I assured. Then the holidays came. Then we landed in the hospital. “Soon, kids, we'll have fun soon. I promise!”

Mom fail much?

We still can't get out in public until Minion is 100% healed, but I found something to hold the boys over just a bit longer. Chuck E Cheese reached out to work with us and share this awesomeness that has brought a little bit of Chuck E fun into our own home:

The boys love dancing with Oma and Opa, so we headed over there for them to have an exciting afternoon. As much as they wiggle around on a constant basis, they were more interested in playing than choreography (what with all the games at his place, I bet Chuck E can relate to this). But at least one of these boys totally got his groove on. Check it out:

After watching Chuck E hop around and wiggle his ears five jillion times, the boys are more excited than ever for us to head on over for a family game day. I love when I can set their expectations with stuff like this and get them rallied up for a good time. It helps to draw out a big event and make it more memorable all around.

Opa with Minion

Mom win.

Capture a video of your kid doing the Chuck E for a chance to win! You can upload them directly, share on YouTube, post on Instagram or tweet your video to @chuckecheese for a chance to win a $150 Amazon E-Gift Card. Just make sure to tag them with #DotheChuckE. Kids who do the dance in-store with Chuck E during an hourly Ticket Splash can also win loads of free tickets.